Preview: City Council meeting (Nov 12)

7pm, Worcester City Hall. Agenda. This week: a little about soccer and foreclosure.

  • Many resident petitions about “abatement of street betterment assessment.”
  • 9.a. Surveillance: No details about what this would look like exactly. “FROM THE COMMITTEE ON TRAFFIC AND PARKING – Request City Manager request the Police Chief to install surveillance in the newly established Resident Parking Zone in Elmwood Street and further, request the Police Chief provide speeding surveillance in Acton Street in the vicinity of Banis Playground.”
  • 9.d. Worcester World Cup: The Assistant Commissioner for Parks will meet with them to discuss “rectangular fields.” As mentioned in past weeks, City parks contain very few equipped soccer/etc fields.
  • 10.c. Shotspotter: Audio surveillance to pinpoint gunshots after the fact. I am pretty sure the City doesn’t even have this yet, but Councilor Russell would like to see the installed area made larger. “Request City Manager recommend to City Council sufficient funding to expand the operation of the Shot Spotter program so that it’s effects may be realized citywide. (Russell)”
  • 16.a. Foreclosure mediation: The City administration has been advising against additional regulations around this because Springfield’s similar program has been in legal limbo. This item was temporarily tabled. The Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team is calling for the council to vote for this, and is organizing a demonstration outside the meeting room starting at 6.15pm.

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