Preview: City Council meeting (Nov 19)

7pm, Worcester City Hall. Agenda. This week: not too much.

  • Residency: the City Council committee on Rules & Legislative Affairs had an interesting meeting last week about what they could do to require even more city employees be city residents. My takeaway: not much. As 9a-b at this meeting, they are asking “City Manager transmit monthly to the City Council a chart listing the new municipal hires including the following data: Department Name, Position Title, Yearly Salary, Community of Residence of the New Employee, Civil versus Non-Civil Service Classification and the number of applicants who first applied for to be hired for the opening” and that the Manager “provide the City Council with a description of the outreach conducted by Human Resources to attract applicants for municipal employment excluding notification to neighborhood centers and CDCs.”
  • Pending items: the committee also looked into how the Council could expedite handling of petitions and other items, some of which linger for months or years without a committee dealing with them. They are asking that a list be made and maintained of pending items, posted on the web.
  • Mayoral salary: outgoing councilor and ex-mayor Joe O’Brien has an item asking that the mayor’s salary be made twice a councilor’s salary. The T&G notes: “The annual salary for the mayor’s position is currently $34,000, while city councilors are paid $29,000. Under Mr. O’Brien’s proposal, the salary for the mayor would be boosted to $58,000, an increase of $24,000.”

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