Preview: City Council meeting (Oct 22)

7pm, Worcester City Hall. Agenda.

  • Head shops: Billy Breault has a couple citizen petitions asking the city to “enforce the existing ban” on products used to consume marijuana. Considering that we have moved quickly towards decriminalizing marijuana in recent years, I’m just waiting for some citizen petitions requesting that these ordinances be removed. (7z, 7aa)
  • Pleasant St parking/driving changes: Some small tweaks. Some are in favor, some are not.
  • Foreclosure: The City Law Department reports that we shouldn’t adopt new ordinances meant to force more foreclosures to mediation, because Springfield’s similar ordinances are still in legal limbo. (8.13.A)
  • Street vendors: Some Councilors are thinking of redoing our street vendor ordinances to encourage food trucks to return to the City. Most of them were forced out by ordinance changes a few years ago. This week’s related agenda item: The Parks Dept or Off-Street Parking Board could allow vendors to operate in areas they control. (8.32.C)
  • The bus: The WRTA continued to see service improvements in Sept. (8.32.B)
  • Midtown Mall: Some on the Council really want the City to seize and close the mall by eminent domain. This week, the Police Chief reports on recent crimes at the mall. He notes in closing that “no one address” on Front Street “has been identified as a chronic problem property.” (8.10.A)

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