Preview: City Council meeting (Oct 29)

7pm, Worcester City Hall. Agenda. This week: a tremendous number of “streets and sidewalks” items, and a few others of note.

  • 8c. Meeting videos archiving: Last year, as part of Sunshine Week, I asked the Council to ask the administration to do a better job with archives of city meetings. They voted in favor. I don’t think anything has happened on this, so I have the identical petition before the Council this week.
  • 8g. Parking ticket procedures: “Michael Shippole request City Council review the parking ticket process policy for on-street parking in non-metered areas to establish burden of proof of violation.”
  • 8n. City Hall railings: “Scott Ricker et al request City Council request the City Manager have the new railings installed on the stairs behind City Hall inspected. The new railings are in violation of Chapter 27 Sec. 27.4.3 of the 521 CMR and are dangerous to many residents including individuals who have limited vision. The railings abruptly end but there are two steps remaining before an individual gets to the bottom of the stairs.”
  • 9a-g. Food trucks: Councilor Rushton continues to push for liberalized food truck regulations in Worcester.
  • 9i-j Shotspotter: A couple items recommending that the city set up audio surveillance in a couple areas of the city that will detect the time and location of gunshots.
  • 9m. Smart911: Another interesting public safety innovation. “Request City Manager report to City Council as to the feasibility of funding and implementing “Smart911” technology and report back in the next thirty (30) days.”

If you have an opinion about any of these items, this is the time to contact some Councilors or make plans to speak at the meeting.

1 thought on “Preview: City Council meeting (Oct 29)

  1. I note above that you intend on following up with another petition for an answer to what is happening after your original petition for a better job on archives was voted in approval.
    I hope that what you are trying to achieve is a way (that us ordinary folk) can follow the process of what city council is trying to do when they vote favorably on a topic but without someone and the council spending more time on the same petition ( which I view as a run around)
    What I am getting at is like when you want to look up pending legislation in Boston on a topic like “specific breed legislation ” you can see how it winds its way thru committee to house to senate. I realize we are only the next largest city in Ma. but it would be ideal way to be able to follow on topics and get something done efficiently .
    one way or the other I am glad you are trying to follow thru on the topic

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