Preview: City Council Meeting (October 8, 2013)

7pm, Tuesday, City Hall. Agenda. City Manager Agenda.

  • Soccer: The Mayor will be (off-agenda) honoring the Worcester World Cup. Soccer supporters are gathering behind City Hall at 6:15pm for a “Worcester Needs More Soccer Fields” event. (Organizers say we have more than 50 baseball fields, and fewer than 6 equipped soccer fields.) There are a number of parks-related items on the agenda, and this would not be a bad meeting to speak for a minute about what you’d like to see out of our parks.
  • Term limits: Citizen gadfly Jo Hart has an item requesting term limits. Due to the many items Ms. Hart has been speaking on each week at the Council meeting, at least one councilor plans to restrict the amount of time individuals can speak at a given meeting. Due to the efforts of Ron Madnick and Worcester’s Sunshine Week activists, the public is now guaranteed more time at meetings. It would be a shame if we took a step back.
  • More on Urban Renewal: Item 8.4.c provides a public update on the Citizen Advisory Committee to the Worcester Redevelopment Authority vis a vis their Urban Renewal Plan. Nicole has more.
  • New bus facility: 8.32.a has the latest details on the planned $60 million, 100K square foot WRTA maintenance and operations facility that will be near Crompton Park.
  • Food trucks: 8.32.b is an informational item about Worcester’s crazy food truck laws. In 2008, the Council voted in a whole new, controversial set of restrictions on food carts, which made most of them close up shop. Councilor Rushton, an opponent of these regulations at the time, has proposed revising the ordinances.
  • There are several items relating to the cleanup of properties in the City. I am not going to try to summarize them here.
  • Marijuana: “9f. Mayor Joseph M. Petty transmitting communication from John Glowik, Jr., CEO/President of Prime Wellness of Massachusetts notifying the city of their interest in placing an application for a Registered Marijuana Dispensary with in the City of Worcester.” Womag has a roundup of the current medical marijuana situation.

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