Preview: City Council Meeting (September 24, 2013)

7pm, Tuesday, City Hall. Agenda.

  • The city will be re-activating the Student Poll Worker program (item 11a).
  • The Worcester Redevelopment Authority released an RFP for an urban renewal consultant for development of an urban renewal plan. Among other things, there will be a Citizen Advisory Committee that will be engaged at points throughout the drafting and review process (Item 10.4a).
  • The City Managers’s quarterly economic development report notes that construction continues at the old T&G building, and that construction will soon be completed at the DCU Center, ending a “five month blackout period.” He notes that performances by the circus and Phish are forthcoming (Item 10.4b).
  • The City Manager feels we don’t need a local foreclosure mediation ordinance. I think this is because it might conflict with state law and there are currently lawsuits pending against similar legislation in other cities (Item 10.4d).
  • There will be master plan hearings for the following parks: Indian Lake, Grant Square, and Castle Park (Item 10.8a).
  • Citizen gadfly Jo Hart wants there to be a giant meeting at City Hall about the many public transit changes that happened over the summer, and for the City to “take seriously the human civic displacement” these changes caused (Item 9l). The WRTA reports that after more changes went into effect, bus ridership is up from this time last year, and that missed-trips and delays are better than they were before the changes (Item 10.32a).

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