Preview: Economic Development Committee Meeting (September 24, 2013)

5:30pm, Tuesday, City Hall. Agenda.

This committee is considering a pre-foreclosure mediation ordinance. They’ll send a recommendation to the full council.

The Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team is in favor of the ordinance and encourages supporters to attend. Their call to action is below.

The Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team (WAFT) has been fighting for pre-foreclosure mediation for some time now. It will make a huge difference. It could cut foreclosures by 60% to 80%. And we keep thinking we’re right on the edge of winning it.

But the City Manager keeps side-tracking it and putting up false arguments against it!

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, the Pre-Foreclosure Mediation Ordinance will be before the Economic Development Committee.
It will then be addressed at the City Council Meeting.

Please, come stand with the folks who are fighting the criminal Banksters to save their homes!
Come join us for a high-spirited evening of chanting, poster-waving
and sharing our love with the regular folk on the front lines of this battle!
Come cheer for our heroes on the City Council who dare to speak truth to power!
Come show all Worcester that The Spirit of Occupy is Alive and Well!
Please be at City Hall Tuesday 9/24 at 5pm!

If you can’t make it right for 5, please arrive as soon as you can, at the The Esther Howland room in City Hall.

No fight worth winning is easy!
We will not give up, we are not wearing down, and we are going to win!

See you all there!

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