Preview: Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting (Nov 1)

4pm, City Hall. Agenda.

They will be discussing soccer fields. We have more than 50 baseball fields, and fewer than 6 equipped soccer fields.

1 thought on “Preview: Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting (Nov 1)

  1. On Agenda noted above is no mention of skateboard parks – only small notation on (possibly)Reviewing renovations (item #3) on a playground , the rest is about organized sports.
    All our city time (tax and funding based on city statistics )and energy is spend on 10% use (per National statistics of Open Space Guidelines for organized sports interest in a city) , not the regional spreadsheet used by Parks Dept.
    I see Regional Planning for a Regional Sports Complex in Worcester being implemented and planned but not noted as such in Open Space Funding review.The last review wanted to see more revenue being made from City Golf Enterprize. When is the revenue from regional Sports Complex coming in ? I see people coming in , use our fields , free parking that is blocked off from city dwellers and then same people leaving to go home with the same parking lots BLOCKED off most of the year and during the week for others to use .
    Our city people need help in negotiating with our own city government ,maybe the person who does the review for Open Space could help?

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