Preview: Zoning Board of Appeals (May 20)

Levi Lincoln Chamber, City Hall, Monday, May 20, 5:30 PM.

Via email, I have learned that people are organizing against petition #11:

11. 0 Tory Fort Lane (aka 30 Tory Fort Lane) (ZB-2013-021)

  • Special Permit: To allow a Personal Wireless Service Facility in the RS-7 (Residence, Single-Family) zoning district
  • Petitioner: Massachusetts Electric Company d/b/a National Grid
  • Present Use: Existing Cooks Pond Electric Substation
  • Zone Designation: BL-1.0 (Business, Limited)
  • Petition Purpose: Install, operate, and maintain 1 WiMAX mounted antenna located on a 10’ mast extension attached to a new 80’ lattice tower that would replace the existing 55’ wooden pole; Install co-axial cables from antennas to the a ground mounted concrete pad, and a radio/transceiver unit
  • Public Hearing Deadline: 6/20/13
  • Constructive Grant Deadline (Variance): N/A

Also one about a lodging house: “5. 184 Highland Street (ZB-2013-014). Special Permit: To allow a Lodging House in a RG-5 (Residence, General) zoning district
Petitioner: D&E Realty LLC. Present Use: Single-family dwelling. Petition Purpose: Convert the dwelling to a Lodging House for 10 occupants with five (5) off-street parking spaces”

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