Worcester City Council agenda preview

Some highlights (such as they are) from this week’s Worcester City Council agenda. Narcan, new sports fields at Lake Park, a dog park, mixed-use zoning downtown, a tweak to Council rules.

* Item 7f: Billy Breault continues his narcan follow-up. Mr. Breault is a neighborhood activist who’s opposed things like medical marijuana an used-syringe disposal boxes. In this case, he opposes ordinary people possessing narcan. If someone is overdosing on heroin, you can stick them with narcan and it’ll save their life.

For the past couple years, narcan’s been distributed in Worcester, and Mr. Breault has been bird-dogging the issue with various petitions to the City Council.

Item text: ” William Breault on behalf of the Main South Alliance for Public Safety request City Council request the City Manager provide a report concerning the city’s policy for dealing with the distribution of Naloxone (narcan) at so called “911 Good Samaritan Law” pilot sites in Worcester and if no policy is in place request the City Manager make recommendations and report as to the role the State Department of Public Health has in the development and implementation of this program in Worcester.”

* Item 8a: Should the City lease Lake Park from the state and build athletic fields there?

Item text: “Recommend Adoption of an Order with the General Court to Authorize the Department of Conservation and Recreation to Utilize the City of Worcester to Create and Operate a Football/Soccer Field at the Lake Avenue Park.”

More from Worcester Magazine.

* Item 9b: Could we have a dog park in Worcester?

Item text: “Request City Manager update City Council concerning the feasibility of designating a dog park in the city. (Rivera)”

* Item 9f: Downtown zoning. Konnie Lukes is asking if we could make zoning changes to get more mixed-use development downtown.

Item text: “Request City Manager review zoning ordinances for downtown Worcester to consider a change from business only to mixed residential and business for the purpose of encouraging mixed use of buildings located in downtown. (Lukes)”

The CitySquare development is supposed to have lots of mixed-use stuff, but some people are concerned because so far there has been a lot of not-mixed-use construction.

* Item 9i: A City Council rules change. Last week there was a Joint Committee meeting (on panhandling) and Konnie Lukes was on both committees that made up the Joint Committee, so when it was time to make a decision she got two votes. Here, she’s asking for a Joint Committee to be treated like one big committee, in which case she would have gotten only one vote.

“Request City Council consider amending Council Rules to allow a joint committee to act as an Ad Hoc committee for the purpose of hearing and voting on joint referrals with each committee member casting a single vote for each jointly referred agenda item, rather than casting a vote for each jointly referred item as a member of each separate standing committee. (Lukes)”

A Worcester paramedic on narcan:

Some highlights from other municipal meetings this week:
Zoning Board of Appeals – Monday, 1/7 at 5:30pm – agenda
They’ll be discussing a proposal to convert 371 and 379 Main Street to 60 units of market-rate housing, at least half of which will be used by MCPHS students.
More from Worcester Magazine.

Election Commission – Monday, 1/7 at 6:00pm – agenda
Among other things, they will be discussing the rate of people who do not return the annual street listing (“city census”).

City Council Economic Development Committee – Tuesday, 1/8 at 5:30pm – agenda
They’ll be discussing the proposed streetscaping and urban design guidelines for downtown and the Canal District.

Historical Commission, Thursday, 1/10, at 5:30pm – agenda
They will be considering whether to grant demolition delay waivers on the complete demolition of the following buildings. If they don’t grant the waiver, the owners have to wait a full year before tearing down the building:
332 Main Street (The Central Building; next to the Commerce Building) more info
70 Elm Street (Gardner Paine House)

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