Worcester City doings: midweek update

This week: Willis Center info scarce, school funding, School Committee meets, 332 Main St demolition discussed, new car show in Green Hill Park proposed, curling on the Common.

More discussion and info.

Recap: City Council meeting

  • Police Chief Gemme announced that a $15,000/week foot patrol will run in Main South for 4-5 weeks.

    Government transparency note: This item was not on the announced agenda, and activists from other neighborhoods have complained that they would have liked to know about these plans earlier in the process. In an email, the City Clerk says “[t]he City Manager presented the Council with two items as supplemental to the published agenda. We will add them to the journal and publish by the close of business Thursday.”

  • Lots of conversation and action on school funding. One attendee wrote in, summarizing: “The city builds schools that don’t have enough parking, don’t want teachers parking on city streets, and don’t want WPS to rent parking space.”

Recap: Public Health committee meeting

  • Politicians continue to ask questions about the closing of the Willis Center. The state says law enforcement is now involved in the situation.

  • School Committee meeting preview

    Historical Commission meeting preview

    • February 7, 5:30 PM, City Hall.

    • Will discuss demolition of the Central Building (332 Main Street) again. The Historical Commission told the owners (the Krocks) to bring the financial backup justifying this. For much more background on the Krock family, see Unlocking the Krocks.

    Parks & Rec Commission preview

    • February 7, 7pm, meeting room A, 50 Skyline Drive. Agenda.

    • May discuss the potential for a car show (NOT Summer Nationals) in Green Hill Park.

    Curling on the Common

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