Worcester City Update: Panhandling, Open Space planning, Theater District planning, new sports fields at Lake Park, and Community Development Block Grants

Here’s one thing that happened at this week’s City Council meeting, and a couple upcoming meetings that might catch your interest. Panhandling, Open Space planning, Theater District planning, new sports fields at Lake Park, and Community Development Block Grants.

Upcoming meeting previews

  • Panhandling: The City Council is scheduled to discuss anti-panhandling plan #3 at the Jan 15 meeting. More on that in our next City Council preview. Summary of last committee meeting on panhandling.
  • The next “Open Space” meeting is Jan 17.

    Every 5 to 7 years the City of Worcester crafts a plan for what unprotected open spaces are important to conserve, and what efforts should be taken to improve the ponds, meadows, wetlands, and forests we rely on.

    This is that time and there will be meetings held all over the City of Worcester to solicit citizen input. You only need to attend one meeting (any of those listed) to give your feedback.

    The Jan 17 meeting is at Green Hill Park.

  • Theater District Meeting: Plans are afoot to transform the southern part of Downtown. The City and the WBDC put together a draft master plan for how to develop the “Theater District” (the area from the Hanover Theatre to the library, and the Mid Town Mall). If done right, this is a great opportunity to right past wrongs and make that part of downtown work as part of a greater urban core.

    A Community Discussion of the proposed master plan will be held on Wednesday, January 23, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at The Hanover Theatre.

City Council meeting results

  • Council voted to send this to their Youth, Parks & Recreation Committee: Should the City lease Lake Park from the state and build a football/soccer field there?

    Item text: “8a. Recommend Adoption of an Order with the General Court to Authorize the Department of Conservation and Recreation to Utilize the City of Worcester to Create and Operate a Football/Soccer Field at the Lake Avenue Park.”

    The relevant committee met 4 times last year, so we should see followup relatively soon.

    More from Worcester Magazine.

For What It’s Worth

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications are available for download from the City website and are due on Tuesday, Jan. 22 by 5pm. If you don’t really know about the CDBG program, then you’re probably in over your head thinking you can compete with all the large non-profits in Worcester for big $. These are also reimbursement grants so if you are accepted, you need to spend your non-profit’s money and then sometime later the City will reimburse you. You can email Christina Andreoli andreolic@worcesterma.gov if you want to know whether all the application paperwork is worth your time.

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