Worcester School meetings this week

Tracy Novick has a roundup of school-related stuff.

  • There is a meeting of the Finance and Operations subcommittee on Tuesday at noon. You can find the agenda here. In addition to the usual quarterly transfers and finishing up FY13, we’ve got a bit about completing forms online, security cameras, and OPEB.
  • We have a special meeting of the full committee on Wednesday at 5:30 for training in the new evaluation system. The agenda is here, ‘though that’s all it says. Note that it (and the meeting above) are at the administration building in the 4th floor conference room.
  • Later that evening, at the usual CPPAC meeting, Maureen Kavanaugh from the our data office is presenting on the MCAS results for the district. Maureen is excellent at what she does and is taking questions, so I’d really recommend coming to this if it is of any interest.That’s at the downtown branch of the public library.

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