Worcesterites in the news: Tiffiniy Cheng

This feels like an ongoing series we should do.

New Republic: Why the Anti-SOPA Band Hasn’t Gotten Back Together:

But when other Internet-related bills came to the floor, the troops failed to coalesce. Case in point: The Cyberintelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which would have made the U.S. government privy to Internet traffic information gathered by private companies, raising the hackles of many of the same groups who’d opposed SOPA. Tiffaniy [sic] Cheng–a co-leader of the Worcester, Mass.-based Internet freedom group Fight for the Future, which had coordinated the opposition–said members of Congress came to her asking what the Internet thought.

“It was definitely a different kind of fight,” she says. “There was definitely an anticipation and anxiety about ‘what will the Internet do,’ and ‘where does the Internet stand on this issue.'”

This time, however, the giants of Silicon Valley came out in favor of the bill, as did Issa. It passed the House in late April before getting mired in the Senate (which Cheng counts as a victory).

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