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Preview: City Council agenda (April 29)

The City Council meets Tuesday, April 29 at 7 pm. The agenda is here. Here are some items that jumped out at me.

  • Complaining about the International Lounge: Item 7cc is a request from Jean-Paul Stevens that the city “review all licenses,” relating to the Lounge (27 Pleasant St), “require the hiring of detail police officers,” and “enforce compliance with city ordinances with regards to decibel levels of music and occupancy capacity levels.”
  • Narcan: Billy Breault is asking the city to let the police and fire fighters have Narcan, which is used to treat heroin overdoses. Good job Billy.
  • Mural at 138 Green St: The city’s asking the council to allow there to be a mural there as a gift from the Canal District Alliance. This is somewhere around Crompton Collective?
  • Tactical Response Areas: The Police Department will submit to the council a map of the city’s “Tactical Response Areas.” Spoiler alert: most of the city [PNG].
  • all the background on SWIP you could want. Here is a video of the area in question.
  • Hot Dog Ventors: The Economic Development Committee presents some items to the full council. Recall that a few years back, at the request of a few local restaurant owners, the council added new restrictions on food trucks, which drove many of them out of the city. It was a close vote. Now, the feeling of the council might be a little different. The committee wants a report on whether the city can designate parking spaces for food trucks, some research on how fees are handled in other New England cities, and a plan for having food trucks in our parks.
  • Smart Grid: Our electrical utility, National Grid, wants to test “smart grid” technology in Worcester. Some in the community have been very concerned, though the arguments against “smart grids” seem sketchy to me. In any case, the Committee on Public Service and Transportation is less skeptical than I, and want National Grid to post a bond in case there are negative health effects, wants National Grid to fund health studies, and wants the whole project delayed a year. The full council will have to vote on these items.
  • Homelessness: Councilor Rivera wants an update on what’s happening with our 2007 plan to end homelessness.
  • Cannabis: Councilor Russell wants to prohibit “open use of non-medical marijuana” in the city.
  • Recycling Bags Rather Than Bins: Councilor Bergman wants a city-wide pilot program using plastic bags to hold recycling rather than bins.