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Preview: City Council agenda (July 22)

The City Council meets Tuesday, July 22 at 6 pm. The agenda is here. Because summer Council meetings are rare, the agendas are huge: my original highlights list had 32 items. I’ve left out most of the items that will be discussed further in committee.

There’s a rally before the meeting at 5pm. “Community Unity Rally Against Racism.” This is in response to the noose displayed at the downtown post office. (T&G article.) The feds are investigating the noose, and the Council will be voting on a resolution asking the US Attorney General to get involved.

The Worcester Community-Labor Coalition is asking people to show up at the meeting in support of holding “public hearings starting in September on charter change and that at the conclusion of the hearings take a vote on holding an election to let the voters decide Worcester’s future.” “Charter change” in this case would mean switching from our current City Manager-run government to a Mayor-run government.

  • City of Worcester Veterans Square Project: The Council is honoring Worcester Police Officer Sean M. Lovely, Sr. for creating the website.
  • The Worcester Revolution of 1774: Randall Orno wants a plaque at Main & Exchange “to commemorate September 6, 1774 when the representatives of King George were escorted out of Worcester, which ended up being a significant factor in the Battle of Lexington & Concord six months later.” More on the Worcester Revolution.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetles: “Anthony Maloney et al request to stop the removal of 500 ALB host trees” in Green Hill Park “that are not yet infected by the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Instead, treat the unaffected trees with Imidacloprid, which is well documented to kill the beetle and prevent infestation.” The counter-argument here is that this chemical is bad for bees and other bugs.
  • Gender Identity: There’s an item which will expand the Human Rights Commissions’ purview to include gender identity, to create a “gender identity and expression policy” for the City, and to require all vendors we do business with to have similar policies.
  • Crime Stats: The Council will officially receive a report stating that arrests are up and crime is down. T&G story.
  • Senior Center Heroes: The Council will honor Matthew Sullivan and Brandi Manca of QCC, who operate a cafe at the Senior Center where they train students, and who have dealt ably with three medical emergencies there in recent months.
  • The Unused Field at Boynton Park: The Council wants the City Manager to come up with a plan for this.
  • Olympics: Councilor Rosen wants the City to tell Boston we’re willing to partner in their bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • City Seal: Councilor Toomey wants the Law Department to say whether people can use takeoffs of the City Seal. I don’t know what this is about. People using takeoffs of the City Seal include at least one local blogger and one e-cigarette store. In another item, Councilor Bergman would like flags with the City Seal flown in our parks.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Councilor Lukes wants a pedestrian safety pilot program in Webster Square. This would be based on programs in other cities which have free flags!
  • City E-mail Signatures: From Councilor Economou: “Request City Manager consider all City e-mail signatures include the following, in an effort to self-promote our community: 'One of the Top 10 Largest Metro Cities to Raise a Family - Forbes 2014'.”
  • Sex Offenders: Councilors Bergman and Rivera are asking about legal issues regarding limiting where “Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders” can live.
  • City Manager Search: Item 17a notes that the City Councilors are meeting with consultants [T&G link these last few days, ranking candidates for City Manager.
  • Uncle Sam’s: “22q. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON TRAFFIC AND PARKING Upon the Petition of Dheyaa Al Khamees of Uncle Sam request 15 minute parking for business at 151 Pleasant St.: recommend Petition be denied.”