Preview: City Council agenda (December 9)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, December 9. The agenda is here. Real short agenda this week, so I’m including some links of interest.

  • Library board: The Council will fill 2 positions on the Library Board of Directors from a pool of volunteer applicants.
  • Taxes: The tax discussion didn’t happen last week due to some procedural errors. This week, the discussion of how much to tax residents, businesses, etc. next year will begin.
  • Sex offenders: The Council is asking for a report on how many victims of Level 3 sex offenders knew their abuser at the time, and on the recidivism rate of these offenders.
  • Dover Amendment: The Council will likely ask the city administration for a plan of how we can get around the Dover Amendment, which “exempts agricultural, religious, and educational corporations from certain zoning restrictions.” This probably relates to the Council’s renewed interest in trying to get nonprofits to give the city money. See also: this Womag article from January about Councilors wanting more control over how non-profits use their land.
  • Panhandling and Smart Meters: Interesting recent New York Times articles on how our anti-panhandling ordinance may end up before the US Supreme Court, and how cost savings from smart meters have been slow in coming.

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