Preview: City Council agenda (March 25)

The City Council meets Tuesday, March 25 at 7 pm. The agenda is here. Here are some items that jumped out at me.

  • Salaries: The Council is being given a list of city employee salaries. The T&G has more.
  • Foreclosure mediation: For a few months there, the city administration was discouraging the Council from asking for a city foreclosure mediation program, because of legal and other concerns. Well the Council voted for it, and now the administration has an item with details on how it would be implemented, how much it will cost, and what the first financial steps are. The T&G has more.
  • details via T&G). Now that this plan exists, the city is allowed to negotiate directly with people interested in buying parcels, rather than going through a public bidding process. Nicole has all the background on SWIP you could want. Here is a video of the area in question.
  • Parks: The latest Open Space and Recreation Plan is being presented by City of Worcester Parks & Recreation Commission. There is no hope of me summarizing this giant thing.
  • Indian Lake: There’s also a new master plan for Indian Lake.
  • Smart Meters: National Grid has a long response to some of the questions/paranoia surrounding it’s plan to bring “smart meters” to Worcester.

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