Preview: City Council agenda (November 18)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, November 18. The agenda is here.

  • Two citizen petitions of note: one requesting that companies receiving TIF’s purchase from Worcester business; the other looking for regulation of door-to-door salesmen.
  • Taxes: the City Council will do its annual tax rate classification hearing on December 2.
  • Energy upgrades: the City is working on energy efficiency, and plans, among other projects, to upgrade streetlights to LEDs.
  • Library: there are two vacancies on the Library Board coming up January 1.
  • Downtown safety: the Public Safety subcommittee is looking for reports on downtown incidents, as well as safety concerns of downtown businesses.
  • Pools?: Councilor Rosen has asked for plans “for constructing aquatic facilities, especially spray parks”
  • Foothills: Councilor Rosen would like to save the Foothills Theatre sign.
  • Skating: Councilor Bergman is looking for free skating rental hours.

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