Preview: City Council agenda (November 25)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, November 25. The agenda is here. This week: PILOT and a few other interesting items.

  • PILOT: There are a couple items on getting non-profits, which don’t pay city property taxes, to give the city some money anyway. The term for this is Payment In Lieu Of Taxes. The Council has talked about this a lot down through the years. Lately there has been a little progress, with some of the colleges giving the city money in exchange for land deals and the like. There are two items on the agenda this week relating to PILOT. (Council geeks will note that one of these items has 2 sponsors and the other 3; there has been very little co-sponsoring of items since the Council was warned the communications it takes to arrange these might sometimes violate open meeting laws.)
  • Saturation: Councilors Economou and Rosen have an item suggesting that we may be “approaching saturation in the rental market specifically as it pertains to our urban core.”
  • Surveillance: Councilor Rivera has an item asking that the city work to promote more small businesses installing exterior surveillance cameras.
  • Blinking lights: Councilor Rivera has an item asking for followup on the proposal to install “a yellow blinking pedestrian crossing light in Main Street
    at Kilby Street.” Seems like we have way more of these lights in recent years.
  • Private and Public Streets: We sometimes note petitions to make private streets public; this week we should note that the petition from Councilor Rushton to make Nathaniel St and Ct public will probably be denied.

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