Preview: City Council agenda (October 28)

The City Council meets Tuesday, October 28 at 7 P.M. The agenda is here. Short agenda this week.

  • Agendas: Scott Ricker has a citizen petition asking that Boards and Commissions include supporting materials (“correspondence, charts, maps, graphs and/or plans”) with their agendas. This would definitely be a help in writing some of these meeting previews.
  • Heroin Overdoses: Billy Breault is asking the Council and Manager to work with law enforcement to pursue “more aggressive sentencing” towards those who distribute “heroin which results in an individual’s death.”
  • Lightower Fiber Networks: There are a couple of routine items on the agenda regarding this company doing some conduit work. Someone wrote in asking if they were new in town. I believe they have had some presence in the city for years now, and have a presence in the collocation building downtown. For example, here’s a T&G article on one of their projects in 2012.
  • Grants and Transfers: There are a variety of routine finance items on large grants. There’s a $400,000 “assessment grant” “from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program”, and $2,975,000.00 in old Community Development Block Grants the city is rushing to spend (on a firetruck, a bike path, and some housing).
  • Ebola: The City has a Ebola plan. It is nothing out of the ordinary, but the curious can read it here.
  • Elderly Tax Exemptions: The Council is expected to vote to establish a tax exemption for the elderly that would be expected to save 438 of “our most financially
    challenged elderly homeowners” more than $603,000 in property taxes.
  • Youth and Gang Violence: Recently the Council received a report on what the police were doing about a surge of gang violence. This week, the Council will receive an assessment and plan for dealing with youth and gang violence, prepared by a team from Clark University. It is here. In addition, the Main South CDC recently received a grant of almost a million dollars for community safety projects.

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