Preview: City Council agenda (October 7)

The City Council meets Tuesday, October 7 at 7 P.M. The agenda is here. Pretty short agenda this week.

  • Cable: There are several items relating to the impending change of our cable company from Charter to Comcast. A lot of this discussion has been happening in the Public Service committee, but if this is an issue you’re working on it’s probably worth attending this meeting because these items are finally coming before the full Council.
  • What Is Art?: A number of murals have been painted in the city in recent months. Councilor Russell has an item raising concerns that some murals should be considered “signs” and fall under the city Sign Ordinance. The wording of this item is lovely, as others have noted: Request City Manager provide interpretation and recommendations to the City Council concerning commercial wall murals and/or signs addressing the following questions: At what point is art considered a sign? Is a sign not a sign just because it is painted directly on a structure? Are there rules in place that address this or do we need to consider a new ordinance? Further, request City Manager include in this discussion the painting of portions of exteriors in bright or fluorescent colors as part of signage’s attraction.
  • Ebola: Councilor Lukes has a followup to her previous item on ebola: Request City Manager report on any updating of rapid responses to confirmed illnesses caused by ebola and EV-D68.
  • Cable Access: I’m going to mention Wednesday’s Public Service and Transportation Committee meeting here. It’s 4pm at City Hall. WCCA TV13, our cable access station, is mobilizing its membership against impending changes to our cable system that will move WCCA from channel 13, its longtime home to channel 113. This is part of Charter phasing out analog service.

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