Preview: City Council Meeting (Jan 14)

The City Council meets Tuesday, January 14 at 7 pm. The agenda is here

Under Public Petitions, Jo Hart, Council gadfly, calls out the Council’s longstanding practice of using supplemental agenda items and of bringing up practically anything under suspension at the end of their meetings: 

7f.  Jo Hart request Mayor and City Manager, in fairness to the public and in support of the Open Meeting Law, immediately cease the current practice of bringing up items not on the current agenda at City Council meetings, including items under suspension of rules and supplemental items.

Councilor Lukes (8c) is asking about the properties owned and run by the Worcester Redevelopment Authority (WRA) and how much it’s costing the city. 

The city administration requested a 30-year lease of the ground-floor space of the Union Station Garage for the WRA (9b/10a). The WRA would then sublet the space for commercial use. The administration says that the RFP process has been a hindrance in finding a tenant for the space, and that the WRA can negotiate with tenants in a way the city cannot. Some city councilors expressed concerns about the length of the lease (30 years) to the WRA. This was held (by Councilor Lukes) from last week’s meeting; expect another lively discussion.

Councilor Economou (8j) is pushing for better public notification about postponed meetings (due to lack of quorum) and postponed items.

And Lukes is calling for an immediate process on getting a new permanent city manager (8l).

For those interested in smart meters, the Zoning Board of Appeals meets tonight at 5:30 in the Levi Lincoln chamber at City Hall regarding National Grid’s proposed project.

The WRTA Transit Advisory Board meets Thursday at 8:30 am at 60 Foster Street.

At the last City Council Rules Committee, City Clerk Rushford agreed to start posting what is called the “Pending List” for all the City Council Committees. The pending list is the list of items referred to the Committee which are waiting to be discussed.  You can now find the pending list for each committee next to that committee’s archived agendas.


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