Preview: City Council Meeting (Jan 28)

The City Council meets Tuesday, January 28 at 7 pm. The agenda is here. Here are some items that jumped out at me. There’s also some finance stuff.

  • 7f. Graffiti: “Michael Grandone request City Council request the City Solicitor to investigate the legality of removing the crime of property graffiti “tagging” and all other terms of property defacement from a criminal complaint by law enforcement to a civil complaint by law enforcement that would now be punishable by a monetary fine set forth by the City of Worcester based upon said cleaning and/or removal of damage incurred by said destructive act.”
  • 11a. Youth employment: From Councilor Rosen. “Request City Manager make a presentation to the Standing Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation regarding the state of youth employment in the city and the availability of summer jobs for Worcester’s teens.”
  • 11b. Coes Pond swimming area: More Rosen. “Request City Manager advise the Standing Committee on Youth, Parks and Recreation relative to
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    the feasibility and cost of reconstructing and upgrading the Coes Pond swimming area on Mill St. (Rosen)”

  • 11h. Illegal parking lot on Pleasant St: Councilor Rivera will ask the City Manager to look for code violations at the vacant lot, now a de facto parking lot, next to Pleasant Street Baptist Church.
  • 11j. Agriculture zoning: From Mayor Petty. “Request City Manager work with our planning department and community agencies to create an agriculture zoning designation within the city similar to the one recently created in Boston (Boston Municipal Ordinance Article 89).”
  • 11k. Color copies of agendas: Councilor Russell will ask the Manager to stop “the costly practice of providing thousands of color copies each week to the City Council”.
  • 11n. Counting bike racks as parking spots: From Councilor Bergman. “Request City Manager request the Director of Planning and Regulatory Services provide a report as to the feasibility of amending the Zoning Ordinance’s Off Street Parking requirements to allow credit for bicycle stands/lockers in residential units as a parking space.”
  • 11v. Let’s actually find a City Manager: From Councilor Gaffney. “Request City Manager provide a Scope Document, Task List and Timeline as per the Project Management Disciplines already used by the City of Worcester to be used for the search and hiring of the permanent City Manager.”
  • 15e. Pay raise for the mayor: This is tabled, but Councilor Gaffney says he will un-table it.
  • 15g. Banning wild/exotic animals at circuses: This item is currently tabled, but Councilor Gaffney says he’s un-tabling it. Other Councilors have told the press they want more info before voting. Animal advocates are encouraging supporters to attend the meeting.

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