Preview: City Council Meeting (March 18)

The City Council meets Tuesday, March 18 at 7 pm. The agenda is here.

  • Road work: There’s a citizen request that Eastern Ave be repaid. Councilor Economou is requesting “installation of 6-inch concrete diameter posts in front of 1 Marmion Avenue.” Are people confused by this intersection and driving onto the lawn?
  • Crosswalks: Matthew Kracher has a citizen petition requesting that “police crosswalk stings” cease at the intersection of Lancaster and Dix Streets. He has a writeup of his concerns and basically thinks these stings are BS. Every so often the Council has asked the police department to conduct these stings, to try to get motorists to take crosswalks more seriously. I do not think this culture change has happened.
  • Cable access TV: Councilor Gaffney has an item asking a bunch of questions about how the city has been spending its “cable franchise fees” in recent years. These moneys are used, among other things, for funding the public access and government cable tv channels. The item has no hints of where he’s going with this.
  • Pawnbrokers: Councilors Bergman and Economou would like a city ordinance requiring pawnbrokers “to photograph their purchases and acquisitions and transmit same to the Worcester Police Department.”
  • Alcohol: Councilor Lukes has a couple items asking how the city can extend “closing times for the serving of alcohol, especially for a limited geographical footprint as a pilot project.”
  • Street vendors: Councilor Rosen has an item asking if more “street vendors of food and retail items” can be allowed on Worcester Common. (He has in the past also supported food trucks.)
  • WRA: As part of our series noting the revival of the Worcester Redevelopment Authority, let’s note item 10b, “relative to the Debt Service Schedule for the City’s Issuance of $500,000.00 in Bonds Associated with the Downtown Urban Renewal Project Proposed in the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget to be Undertaken by the Worcester Redevelopment Authority.
  • Name change: There’s a petition from Mahmoud Soheili and Aliveza Avshadi to change the name of Olean Circle to Soheili Circle. At this meeting, the proposal is moving from the Planning Board to the Public Works Committee.

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