Preview: School Committee agenda (August 21)

Reposted from Tracy’s blog.

Last summer meeting this year! You can find the agenda here.

First up is the first round of the usual summer retirements, resignations, leaves, transfers, and hires.

We have the results of the annual teacher survey, which is coming in as the report of the Superintendent.

We have a report on the average class size at the secondary level (along with the number of teachers carrying more than 125 students).

As I mentioned earlier, we have several proposed changes to the student disciplinary policy, in response to state changes in regulation. Ms. Biancheria also has sought an answer to what change this makes in School Committee involvement in discipline.

Mr. Foley is publicizing the events of September 6, honoring the 1774 events in Worcester.

Worcester Tech is being given $5000 for their robotics team, for School Committe to receive.

Mr. Monfredo is looking for summer school test results.

He’s also asking for an update on the Comprehensive Community Responsibility Framework.

Mr. O’Connell recognizes the 2014 Master Mechanic Award, going to Worcester Tech this fall.

We have the innovation plans for:

They are up for three year approval by the School Committee.

Ms. Biancheria would like a report on A.P. classes.

She’d also like information on  internships.

Mr. O’Connell is asking about computer coding classes being offered.

We’re also being asked to approve a prior year payment totalling $1988.32. 

We will have an executive session AFTER the meeting, to get an update on negotiations with our nurses.

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