Preview: School Committee (March 6)

The Worcester School Committee has the first March meeting on Thursday, 7pm. You can find the agenda

here. (This preview cross-posted from Tracy’s blog.)

  • First up, the postponed honors from last week for South High.
  • We also have a member of the public coming to speak on PARCC. That, combined with a response from administration regarding an item from Ms. Colorio on PARCC, means it is up for discussion. Please come if you wish to be heard!
  • We have several responses coming back from administration: on the Sheriff’s FACE to FACE program; on posting the Friday letters online (they’re up!); on the participation of students with disabilities in athletics; on data charts (no, not walls); and on sending requests for repairs through SchoolDude.
  • We have Ms. Biancheria’s items, held from last week.
  • We have a request to approve a prior year payment of$1,960.00.
  • The School Committee is requested to accept the donation of $2500 for a scholarship for a graduating senior, which is from ASBO due to Mr. Allen’s Distinguished Eagle Award
  • We have a request to approve a prior year payment of $28,105 to Behavior Concepts, Inc. for ABA services.
  • I’ve put the proposed charter regulation changes on the agenda for consideration ahead of the Board of Ed’s March 24th meeting; I’ve also proposed that we urge our delegation to oppose any lift of the charter school cap.
  • We’re being asked to accept a donation to the Caradonio New Citizens Center from METSO Automation USA, Inc.
  • We have a bit of a tweak to Worcester East Middle School’s Statement of Interest with MSBA–if you’re interested in WEMS, you’ll want to read it–that adds a general systems upgrade to the request for roof and windows that we’d requested. It’s pretty cool that MSBA did this; they could have just turned us down flat, but instead agreed that we needed what we asked for and more.
  • We’ve got the Meritorious Budget Award!
  • Assuming a positive vote, we’re setting a date for budget priority setting of March 20.
  • We’re going to recognize our ski team (that we share with St. Peter-Marian).
  • We’re asked to accept a donation of $500 from METSO Automation USA, Inc to Clark Street for basketball.
  • And we’re working on moving the School Committee date in April off of Holy Thursday, for those who observe it.
  • Plus: executive session has three student long-term suspension hearings.

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