Preview: Worcester City Council (March 4)

The City Council meets Tuesday, March 4 at 7 pm. The agenda is here. Here are some items that jumped out at me. There are some important items, and many silly items, on the agenda.

  • Property taxes: There’s a citizen proposal that $1,000 each year be subtracted from property tax bill for three-family, owner occupied buildings if $1,000 is spent on exterior house improvements.”
  • Civil War: One of the most confusing items ever. Why doesn’t this call it the Civil War? And why does it read like there are 150-year-old donations to the city sitting in an escrow account somewhere? “Transmitting communication from Councilor Morris A. Bergman and Dr. Wendy J. Bergman requesting City Council to accept donations relating to the City of Worcester from the period 1858 through 1863 in conjunction with commemorations taking place across the United States noting the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States.”
  • Crime Stats: There are some items requesting crime stats, as well as “a map of those areas of the city that have been recipients of Tactical Response Area funds.”
  • Flagg Street: The Committee on Traffic and Parking is asking for a review of how effective the Resident Permit Parking zone on South Flagg Street has been, 6 months after it’s instituted. I don’t know what the background is, but it’s encouraging to see something reviewed a few months after it’s tried. The Committee is also asking for “aggressive enforcement.” Non-residents, beware!
  • Dog Park: The Parks & Rec Committee has a bunch of items relating to the proposed new dog park. The most hilarious one asks if we could use “some kind of tag or card” that would only unlock the gate for licensed dogs, and if we can charge non-Worcester dogs a different fee. The marginal cost of a visiting dog has not yet been reported publicly. The marginal cost of irritating visitors with dogs who just want to hang out with their friends has not been reported either.
  • Panhandling: Speaking of reviewing the effectiveness of new policies, it’s been a year since Worcester’s latest anti-panhandling ordinances came into effect. Councilor Rivera has an item asking how things are going with the city’s panhandler outreach worker.
  • TV: Councilor Rosen has an item asking the City Manager if we can get a network-affiliated TV station in Worcester, so that we’ll have better news coverage. If the City Manager’s powers of persuasion can get a TV station to move here, I can come up with a long list of other stuff the Council should ask for.

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