Worcester School Committee meeting preview (December 4)

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A quick note, first of all, on this weeks’s Worcester City Council agenda: the City Manager’s portion of the agenda requests Council authorization for use of the revolving funds. If you look at the backup, quite a number of these are WPS accounts, many associated with Worcester Technical High School programs. Revolving funds set aside the money brought in by a program for the use of that program.

The Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.

The report of the superintendent this week is the administration’s response regarding an exam, or limited admission, or, as it’s called on the agenda, “high school for advanced learners.” There is as yet no backup; I’ll post it once we get it.

We have a number of recognitions and thanks coming forward, including students who are in the Central Mass Senior Music Festival.

Miss Biancheria would like to discuss the use of silent lunches.

She is also looking for an update on the School Facilities Master Plan (still in subcommittee).

We are being asked to approve two prior year payments: one to a nurse for $5,698.70. and one to the Stetson School for $20,381.22.

We have a report on the Level 4 work being done at Elm Park Community School.

We will be having an executive session before the meeting for two items: one for an update on negotiations with cafeteria workers, and one to open negotiations for a renewed contract with Superintendent Boone (while her contract runs through June, the School Committee must inform her of intent to not renew by January).

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