Worcester School Committee meeting preview (November 29)

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There is a regular meeting of the Worcester School Committee this Thursday at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.

After a couple of recognitions, the report of the superintendent is actually the report of the school committee this week: Superintendent Boone’s annual evaluation. We had to get our individual evaluations in by Friday; Mayor Petty is charged with compiling them into a single joint document. If you’re curious, the form we’re required by state regs to fill out is here. I imagine we’ll have a flurry of document posting close to the meeting itself; I’ve set mine to post once the meeting is starting.

Also on the agenda: the report out of the Teaching, Learning, and Student Support meeting on the math curriculum. This should include a revised contract with the clause allowing a termination after one year for any reason.

We have some personnel items, including the retirement of June Eressy, who has served in a number of roles in the district, most recently as principal of Chandler Elementary. Best wishes, June!

The various items from last time, filed by Miss Biancheria, held due to absence at the meeting, because of her mother’s illness, are up this week.

We’re being asked to approve the private Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction (yes, this is under our purview. New private schools? Yes. New charter schools? No.).

I’m asking that administration share with us the communcation they intend to send to parents who refuse the PARCC or MCAS for their children, as well as the process that they intend to follow with those students.

I’m sending the homework policy off to Governance (we haven’t looked at in awhile).

We’ve had some generous donations to Andy’s Attic, for which we are thankful.

We’re being asked to approve a $5000 grant for Columbus Park.

We’re being asked to approve a $1000 grant for the Books for Babies program.
Mr. O’Connell is asking that we recognize the recent donation of muscial equipment to Worcester East Middle school.

We’re being asked to approve a donation of $294.76 from the Kiducation fund.

And we’ll have an executive session at 6 pm to discuss two contract negotiations and a lawsuit.

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