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Preview: City Council agenda (February 3)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, February 3. The agenda is here. This week: ALBs, Uber, zoning, WRA.

  • Theater District: If you care about the Worcester Redevelopment Authority’s plans for downtown Worcester, there will be a public hearing February 26. Also, there’s been a committee named to advise the WRA on this stuff: John Brissette, Vice Chair Jill Dagilis, Frank Carroll, Linda Cavaoli, Paul Demoga, Jack Donahue, Alex Dunn, Michelle Jones-Johnson, Alec Lopez, Stacey DeBoise Luster, Mable Millner, Deborah O’Malley, and Hong Tran.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetles: Many items on the agenda this week regarding attempts to fend off these beetles, still plaguing the city. Last meeting, the Councilors seemed quite resistant to the advise they were getting from experienced and credentialed issue. If you have an opinion as to whether we should try to stop the ALBs by cutting down a bunch of trees in Green Hill Park, or not cut trees and hope for the best, you might call your Councilor or make a comment at this meeting.
  • Pawn Shops: Councilor Lukes has an item wondering if the City Council can “place a cap on the number of pawn shops operating in the city.”
  • Uber: Councilors Lukes and Russell have some items asking the City Manager to look into how the popular car service is operating in the city, and how city government should regulate it.
  • Zoning Changes: This was delayed from the last meeting. The Council will be voting to establish a Commercial Corridors Overlay District where property owners will not be required to provide as much parking as in other areas of the city, “to encourage compact, mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly redevelopment of the City’s downtown and urban corridors.”