Preview: City Council agenda (March 10)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, March 10, 6:30pm. The agenda is here. This week: city employees union, Uber, Holy Cross tax-exempt land.

  • City Employees Union: The City has made a 3-year agreement with the National Association of Government Employees. The T&G has details. The Council will briefly recess into executive session to “discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining.”
  • SeeClickFix: We will soon have a smartphone app for reporting and tracking non-emergency issues like potholes and graffiti.
  • Library Parking Lot: There’s a report on this. Since the introduction of paystations, revenue is up 8%, complaints are down, and operating costs are down. Some students of the downtown QCC campus are using the lot.
  • Uber: The City Law Department has a report on proposed regulations for Uber. From my sleep-deprived reading of this report, Uber doesn’t qualify as either a taxi or livery service, so it’s not currently regulated.
  • Holy Cross Undeveloped Properties: You may remember that Holy Cross College has a couple of undeveloped parcels that it doesn’t pay tax on. People have argued that since it’s not using these parcels for educational or charitable purposes, it should be paying taxes. The City Assessor has issued a report saying that the courts have generally found it is OK for a college to have undeveloped parcels as buffers or green space.
  • Snow Removal: The City Manager is requesting another $1,619,557.53 be authorized for the snow removal budget, both to cover current invoices and “anticipated future snow costs.”

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