Preview: City Council agenda (March 24)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday, March 24, 7pm. The agenda is here. This week: selling the old courthouse, conserving open space, free electronic recycling.

  • Nelson Place land swap: The city wants to swap some Nelson Place School land with Assumption College to help out the college. School Committee member Tracy Novick has more.
  • Conserving 6 acres: The City Manager wants the city to spend $300,000 to purchase a “conservation restriction” on 6 acres of land from the EcoTarium.
  • Selling the old courthouse: The city is selling the old courthouse to developers for $1.2 million. The building will be preserved and turned into apartments and retail space.
  • Dover Amendment: Councilors Bergman and Economou would like the city to seek special exemptions from the Dover Amendment, which “exempts agricultural, religious, and educational corporations from certain zoning restrictions.” The City Solicitor has written a report for the Council that I think can be summarized as “that’s probably not going to work.”
  • CitySquare updates: The City Council needs to amend some stuff to keep the CitySquare project moving forward, so the manager has an update of how all the pieces are going.
  • Free Household Electronics Recycling Day: Saturday, April 18, 9:00 AM-2:00 PM, 1065 Millbury Street. More details here.

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