Preview: City Council agenda (November 24)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here. This week: the big discussion of next year’s property tax rate.

  • Library Board: New candidates for the Library Board will speak briefly about why they want to be chosen.
  • Property Tax Rate Hearing: How much will residential property taxes be next year? Commercial taxes? The Council will decide soon.
  • Boards and Commissions: The Council will (probably) appointment Etel Capacchione to the Citizens Advisory Council.
  • Council Geeks Assemble: There are some “major changes in Council rules” on the horizon. Here’s a summary from the City Solicitor: “Added a statement of rights of councilors to the rule on the duties of councilors; a specific Order of Business for each type of council meeting (Council, Manager, & Joint); allows Councilors to recuse themselves without a vote of the Council; allows chair to determine the extent of debate when a councilor exercises their right under the city charter unilaterally to hold an item; addresses items brought under suspension and city manager supplementals such that the mayor must declare that the item was not reasonably anticipated at the time for posting and by requiring that these items appear on the next agenda. Also it allows Committees to place reports to be taken up at the next council meeting regardless of whether it is a council or a manager meeting; revises Citizen Participation Rules to reflect the new rules allowing citizens two minutes to speak on agenda items and three minutes to speak on their petitions; includes a new rule providing the procedures under state law to address and possibly remove individuals who disrupt a meeting; allows the Council to Discharge an item from a committee and bring it back for consideration of the entire City Council; provides for the disposition of stale items pending in committee at the end of each two year council term.”

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