Preview: City Council agenda (September 15)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here. It is a pretty-low key agenda.

  • Off-Road Vehicles: The Committee on Public Safety has a couple items on ATVs. Recently people have been driving off-road vehicles in city streets or urban parks. The Committee suggests both an education campaign and impounding the vehicles.
  • Opiates: There continue to be overdoses, and overdose deaths, in the area. Councilor Rivera has a number of items regarding this.
  • Safety in Public Buildings: Councilor Lukes has a couple items about safety and public buildings, such as: Request City Manager consider review of access to public buildings, including but not limited to the Public Library, City Hall, Union Station, DCU Center, Police and Fire Headquarters, and to research the need and effectiveness of the use of panic buttons, inside cameras, and sign in sheets, and other strategies, all with the purpose of promoting public safety.
  • Noisy, Dirty Festivals: Councilor Economou has an item asking about “the process for receiving permits for road races, parades or similar activities” and what the applicant’s responsibility is regarding traffic, noise, and cleaning up.
  • Basketball Courts: Councilor Rivera has an item asking the Parks Department to assume control of the “basketball courts bounded by Hawley and Piedmont Streets.”
  • New Public Street: Ockway Street.
  • Finance Items Over $100,000: $250,000.00 transferred from Loan Account: Street Lighting Equipment, and appropriated to DPW Account: Street Lights, to allow for the purchase and payment of anticipated lighting equipment and services; $126,585.12 transferred from Citywide Building Rehabilitation and appropriated to South Worcester Industrial Park, to fund expenses associated with the abatement and demolition of silos at 26 Southgate Place, within the South Worcester Industrial Park project area; $7,012,100.00 appropriated to fund four building improvement projects of the Worcester Public Schools.

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