Worcester School Committee meeting preview (December 3)

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The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, December 3 at 7. You can find the agenda here.
The report of the superintendent this week–the first report Dr. Rodrigues is giving as interim–is his entry plan.

There are no subcommittee reports this week.
We have a response coming back from administration on the updated numbers on the state cherry sheet (worse than they were when we passed the budget in June) and what the final cost on gas will be, as that contract was still being negotiated when we passed the budget. And while it’s lower than the projection, skim down to the utilities line in the first quarter update on where we’re expected to be on building utilities for why we won’t be hearing a recommendation to move funds. 

In the ongoing settling up of the student activities accounts, we’re being asked to accept a donation of $6,261.81 to Doherty. 
We’re being asked to accept $400 from Shaw’s for Heard Street School.
We have several requests for recognitions.
Mr. Monfredo is asking that administration work to get more mentors for AVID.
Miss Biancheria is asking that the security audit be discussed at the December 17 meeting and also at the February 25 meeting.
She’s also asking a number of questions around textbooks: how many are rebound, how many we have versus need, how many are on the computer, how many students don’t have textbooks, and if there’s a central inventory.

I’m clearing out old items (lest I linger on agendas!), so I have a list of items I’m pulling off of subcommittee agendas and out of administration (many of which have been answered, anyway).

We have the annual Head Start report
We have the collaborative’s audit.
We’re being asked to accept an alternative education grant for $20,000 (not clear on what it’s for, exactly).
We’re being asked to accept STARS Residency grants for Columbus Park and for Jacob Hiatt (for neat stuff, incidently: check out the backup!)
We’re being asked to recognize the WPS Foundation for their constuction at the One City, One Library branches, and being asked to accept the donation of the materials and equipment there. 

Every six years, the state comes in and does a Coordinated Program Review (which, inevitably and much to my confusion, gets abbreviated ‘CPR’) to check on on how the district is doing with adhering to federal regulations. Ours has now come back and it includes:

Note that the reports came through a few months ago; I expect that we’ll have a report on what has already been changed or improved in a number of these areas.

There is an executive session for a grievance.

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