Preview: City Council agenda (June 7)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here. This week: Economic development, finance items. If you know of anyone else who’d like to get our weekly preview via email, the link is here.

  • Quarterly Economic Development Report: Items include 4 new restaurants (Lock 50 in the Canal District, Deadhorse Hill on Main Street, British Beer Company on Shrewsbury Street, and Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice on Chandler Street); $18 million hockey rink scheduled to open in August of 2017 in the Canal District; foundations are being poured for a 237 unit market-rate residential apartment complex at Front & Foster—a garage and 133 more united to come; UMass Memorial Healthcare will soon bring 500 jobs downtown; the city plans to permanently close Southbridge Street in front of the Hanover Theater for a new plaza; the New England School of Acupuncture is moving downtown from Newton (120 employees, 200 students).
  • Private Street: George Kiritsy requests Holly Terrace be made a public street.
  • Marijuana: Billy Breault has an item asking the city to create a policy regarding medical marijuana use by employees while on the job and using city vehicles.
  • Fieldstone Farm Conservation Restriction: The city will be pitching in $100k to buy, along with the state, a conservation of 124 acres in Princeton that drain into our drinking water supply.
  • Library Board Attendance: The Library Board has a new policy to try to remove board members who miss 3 meetings in a row or 3 of any 5 meetings. The Council is in charge of the final decision to kick someone off the board.
  • 2017 Capital Improvement Plan: Huge amounts of finance items.
  • Six-Figure Capital Transfers: $473,276 from Fire Capital Equipment to Worcester Fire Department Capital Equipment; $240,000 from Sewer Infiltration Control and Sewer Infiltration/Inflow to Infiltration/Inflow; $300,000 from Sewer Reconstruction to Sewer Reconstruction; $100,000 from Water Land Acquisition to Watershed Land Acquisition to fund the Fieldstone Farm Conservation Restriction; $275,496.90 from DCU Special District to DCU Enhancement Project “for costs associated with the Corner Melt & Metal Detectors.”
  • Six-Figure Donations: $100,000 from UMASS Memorial Healthcare to support the City’s 2016 Recreation Worcester Program.
  • Six-Figure Operational Transfers: $1,435,000 transferred between various Community Development Block Grant accounts to pay for various CDBG projects; $700,000 from Contingency to Court Judgments “to provide funding for the settlement of legal cases through the end of the fiscal year”; $350,000 from Police Personal Services to Police Overtime.
  • Six-Figure Loan Orders: $780,000 to Sewer Equipment; $3,581,460 to Citywide Capital Equipment; $795,000 to Water Capital Equipment; $550,000 to Capital Equipment Schools; $2,500,000 to Filtration Plant Modification; $300,000 to Water Meters; $2,700,000 to Reservoir Rehabilitation; $5,000,000 to Street Construction; $2,150,000 to Sidewalk Improvements, to fund the continued improvements to citywide sidewalks.; $1,500,000 to Private Street Conversions; $400,000 to Newton Square Improvements; $100,000 to Citywide Street Improvements; $1,400,000 to Water Mains & Gates; $12,025,000 to Off Street Building Rehabilitation; $250,000 to Building Rehabilitation-Parks; $6,100,000 to Parks Improvement; $200,000 to Parks Tree Planting; rescind previous loan orders for Blackstone Visitor’s Center and replace with $2,000,000 to Blackstone Gateway Park; $1,400,000 to Account #91C7847, Parks Improvements, for costs associated with Parks improvements; $6,000,000 to Water Mains & Gates; $1,000,000 to Water Transmission Mains; $100,000 to Cross Connection Survey; $280,000 to Traffic Signal Improvements, to fund costs associated with the improvements to traffic signals; $4,000,000 to Library Master Plan Rehab; $974,850 to Citywide Building Rehabilitation; $300,000 to Regional Emergency Communications Center Building Rehabilitation; $200,000 to Water Building Rehab; $300,000 to Water Land Shed Acquisition; $3,250,000 to Building Rehabilitation Schools; $100,000 to Sewer Building Rehabilitation; $140,000 to Building Rehabilitation Parks; $14,300,000 to Sewer Construction; $550,000 to Street Lights; $2,000,000 to Dam Improvements.

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