Preview: City Council agenda (March 15)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here. This week: Spoiled food, taxes. Pretty short. If you know of anyone else who’d like to get our weekly preview via email, the link is here.

  • Spoiled Food: Bill Coleman has a citizen petition asking that the city “encourage citizens to properly discard expired food as they begin Spring cleaning in their homes.”
  • Dover Amendment: Councilor Bergman would like would like the city to seek special exemptions from the Dover Amendment, which “exempts agricultural, religious, and educational corporations from certain zoning restrictions.” This week’s he’s asking the city’s law department for their opinion on “regulating non-profit social service agency day uses in a proposed Dover Exclusion Home Rule Petition.”
  • Budget Scenarios: Councilor Gaffney would like the City Manager to draft more than one budget proposal this year, for various possible tax levels.
  • OPEB: Councilor Lukes wants a report from the City Manager about transforming our fund for retiree health insurance etc “into an irrevocable trust.”
  • Portable Speed Bumps: Councilor Bergman would like the city to try a pilot program using “portable rubber speed bumps” to stop people speeding on certain streets.
  • Welcome to Worcester: Councilor Bergman wasnt the city to make sure there are “Entering Worcester” signs at all entrances to the city.
  • EM Employees: Councilor Gaffney has an item asking how many “Executive Management” level employees in the Public Health Division don’t live in the city.

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