Preview: Worcester Education Meetings (Week of April 25)

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It looks like a bumper crop of school-related meetings this week:

Monday morning at 7:30, there is a meeting of the negotiations (with the superintendent-elect) committee. As those are negotiations, I’d assume they’ll immediately vote to go into executive session. As we’re now at six weeks and counting since the vote to appoint, one wonders what the hold-up is on the contract.

Monday night at 5, there is a Joint Education (City Council) and Finance & Operations (School Committee) meeting. It appears that the discussion is budget.

Tuesday at noon (erg!) there is a Governance and Employees Issue meeting. There are a few issues on that agenda: cell phones is on there, though I assume there will not be student or staff comment, given the time of day. The item on a major overhaul of WPS policy (looooong overdue) is also on there.

Also on Tuesday at 5:30 is an Accountability meeting. That has the amount of testing on the agenda. Also, the “Arrested Futures” on student arrests is on the agenda, which certainly warrants attention, as well as the October 1 student count.

And the full committee meets Thursday. They’ll be opening with the annual school choice hearing (Remember this means school choice IN; school choice OUT is allowed, at the state level). There are a number of recognitions, both happening and requested, plus all of the above subcommittees reporting out. There is no report of the superintendent. Ms. Biancheria, interestingly, is asking that a grievance be reconsidered.

Bill Coleman, adding the School Committee to his rounds of public petitions, is asking that a portrait of the new superintendent be installed in every school. I will leave the historical and literary analogies to others, but they do leap to mind, don’t they?

Mr. O’Connell is asking that the School Committee consider the Rise Act (which has passed the Senate; I assume they’d be weighing in on House action).

Mr. O’Connell is also requesting the update of a couple of policies–administration of medication to students and student activity accounts–from recent MASC updates. He’s also asking that they update their substance abuse prevention policies (which MASC hasn’t updated yet, as the regulations from DESE haven’t been issued yet).

The audits are coming! (not attached; I’m assuming you should look for them to turn up in F&O)

Mr. Monfredo is asking that the School Committee go on record supporting the Fair Share amendment.

The School Committee is being asked to set the dates for their budget hearings: there’s no backup attached; my best guess is June 2 and 16 at 4 pm.

Mr. Foley is asking that the Committee invited Treasurer Goldberg to talk about the $eedMA program of saving for college.

And there are donations! $100 from Worcester Refugee Assistance Project to Greendale Head Start; $1000 from Worcester District Medical Society to support the CPR project; and $10,000 from Digital Credit Union and the DCU for Kids Charitable Foundation for scholarships for graduating seniors.

Finally (but coming first) there is an executive session scheduled to reconsider the grievance (as requested by Ms. Biancheria above) and to update the committee on the superintendent-elect negotiations.

Executive session is at 6; the school choice hearing at 6:45; the regular meeting at 7.

On blogging: I won’t be there for the full meeting Thursday; I plan to blog the joint meeting Monday night.

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