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Preview: City Council agenda (December 5)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Setting the municipal tax rate.

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  • Boards and Commissions: The Council will be selecting 2 new members for the Library Board.
  • Tax Rates: This was pushed off from a previous meeting. This week the Council will presumably set tax rates for the year.
  • Bike Racks with Ads: The Public Safety Committee would like the city to have bike racks paid for by sponsors, who would get ads on the racks.
  • Limiting Marijuana Sales: The Economic Development Committee is requesting that the Council approve a new ordinance which would limit the number of marijuana businesses in the city to 15 (calculated as 20% as many “off-premises alcohol licenses” as we allow), and put a 3% sales tax on marijuana (the maximum state law allows us).
  • Complete Streets: The Public Safety Committee wants the full Council to approve the City Manager’s “complete streets” proposal. This proposal reads a little vague to me, but it basically wants us, when doing future maintenance or rebuilding of streets, to put an emphasis on things like wider sidewalks, more street trees, more crosswalks, more bike lanes, more left turn lanes, more traffic signals, and more bus shelters.