Preview: City Council agenda (February 7)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 7pm. The agenda is here.

This week: 5 acres conserved, plus everything the Council didn’t get to at last week’s meeting. If you know of anyone else who’d like to get our weekly preview via email, the link is here.

  • Snow Removal: A couple citizen petitions about snow removal will be sent to the Public Works Committe for further discussion. Nancy Jacobs requests “termination of the previous agreement and have the City plow, sand and salt Camelot Dr., Tristan Court and Merlin Court.” Scott Cossette wants the City to use its equipment “to clear sidewalks in front of private residences, especially along the more traveled walking streets.”
  • HUD Regulations: Responding to a request originally made by Councilor Lukes, the City Manager has a report clarifying that organizations receiving HUD funding can engage in political activities, as long as they use non-HUD money for those activities.
  • Vig’s Way/Sunderland Road Land Swap: The city will do a 3000 sq ft land swap with the Guzman family regarding land in the Vig’s Way/Sunderland Road area, just so it will be easier for everyone to make good use of their land.
  • Fowler Brook Gorge Conservation Restriction: The city and the Greater Worcester Land Trust will be accepting the gift of a conservation restriction on a 5-acre area near Mill St called “Fowler Brook Gorge.”
  • Privacy of Board and Commission Members: The city clarifies that board and commission appointees are considered city employees, and so their addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are not considered public information.
  • Massachusetts School Building Authority 2017 Statement of Interest Items: The Superintendant of Schools passes along a letter noting that the MSBA is interested in “accelerated repairs” of: Elm Park Community School Window Replacements; Lincoln Street School Window, Roof and Boiler Replacements; Rice Square School Window Replacement; Thorndyke Road School Window Replacement.
  • Seven-Figure Finance Items: $2,015,640.00 will be transferred from Water Enterprise Retained Earnings, to Water O.M. – Reservoirs; a previously approved loan order for $9,316,000.00 will be upped to $10,945,101.00 “to properly fund the MSBA Worcester Public Schools Accelerated Repairs Program.”
  • Rezoning 128 Chandler?: The Council will vote on whether to rezone part of 128 Chandler (Chandler & Piedmont) from General Residential to General Business. This has been a live issue for more than a year now.
  • Old Items: Due to the hullabaloo over Councilor Lukes and Gaffney’s anti-sanctuary-cities items on last week’s agenda, several items were held to this week: regional transportation summit, grant money for Hadwen Park, trash from recycling bins blowing about, some sewer repairs, developer tax breaks, home businesses, Councilor Luke’s anti-sanctuary-cities items (Councilor Gaffney’s item was voted down), best practices on homelessness, traffic around Woodland St. School, surveillance cameras against dumping, dog park ordinance signage, etc etc. See last week’s writeup for more details.

Vig’s Way:

Fowler Brook Gorge:

128 Chandler:

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