Preview: City Council agenda (June 13)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: More budget, and some interesting Gary Rosen items. If you know of anyone else who’d like to get our weekly preview via email, the link is here.

  • Executive Session: The meeting will start with an executive (private) meeting between the Council and the City Manager “to discuss litigation strategy with respect to the case of Fargo Management LLC vs. City of Worcester, Massachusetts . . . and further, to discuss matters of collective bargaining.”
  • Rezoning 9 Mountain St: Tran Diep would like this parcel made Business Limited-1.0. Currenly part is BL-1.0 and part is zoned residential. (See map below.)
  • A Bunch of Finance Items: The Council will have the opportunity to vote on the Manager’s proposed budget this week. Various councilors have various inquiries involving the city’s finances. Councilor Russell continues the “Fight for 15” debate by asking the School Superintendant how many school employees earn less than $15/hr. Councilor Gaffney asks the Superintendant how much money is being saved this summer due to changes in bus scheduling, has questions about our health insurance trust fund, if we could save money by hiring more outside lawyers and using the city law department less, and if we can revert increases in property tax assessments that we don’t have good data for. Councilor Lukes would like to see the next DCU Center management services contract before the city signs it, would like to know the impacts of cutting the health insurance fund, would like a list of proposed budget items that are one-time costs, and wants to know all outside lawyers paid by our Human Resources department. Councilor Toomey would like a report on our long-term plan for new school buildings. The Mayor would like to know if cutting our health insurance trust fund would even be legal. Councilor Economou would like to know how much the average taxpayer would save if we cut local taxes.
  • So Much Rosen: Councilor Rosen has long been known for putting slightly more creative or unexpected items on the agenda than other councilors. This week he would like the city to work with Becker College’s School of Animal Studies to revamp our geese control program; get a comment from the Manager on the cruddiness of the current city trash bags; create a committee to find waste and recommend innovations in local government; and crack down harder on illegal dumping, make trash disposal cheaper, and use sheriff’s inmates to do trash pickups.
  • Private and Public Streets: The Planning Board approves of the idea of making the private Ellie Way a public street. Now it is up to the Council.
  • More Video Surveillance: Councilor Bergman would like the city to buy and install a bunch of video cameras around the DCU Center.
  • Police Sub-stations: Councilor King would like a report on the possibility of creating neighborhood police substations.
  • Board and Commissions: Councilor Lukes would like the Council to discuss how the Citizen’s Advisory Board narrowly voted against Margaret Melican being on the Zoning Board, in part because of her connection to local right-wing media outlets.
  • Stop Nailing Your Signs to Trees: Councilor Gaffney would like to know if the city is cracking down on Powers Painting for nailing ads to city trees.

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