School Committee meets Thursday

The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday. You can find the agenda here.

It appears it is time once again to honor Mr. Allen for receiving the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officers International. 🎈

The schools receiving the EoS Breakfast awards are also being recognized (and the awards being accepted), making it appropriate that the report is on school nutrition (not yet posted, though today’s announcement may well mean it’s being revised!)

Not having exhausted the discussion at the subcommittee level, the committee will be discussing their concerns over wifi. Salient point:

…extensive research into the matter has not produced any solid evidence that non-ionizing radiation given off by smartphones and Wi-Fi routers is harmful to humans…

They’ll be voting a delegate and an alternative to the MASC Delegate Assembly in November.

Not having acted last week, they’re considering a resolution on the Foundation Budget Review Commission’s findings.

And Miss Biancheria wishes to:

review the precautionary measures and safety features under the safety regulations of the bus contracts for both the Worcester Public Schools and Durham School Services.

The 7th grade science text book is up for review (That’ll go to TLSS)

There is an executive session beforehand for an HVAC employee grievance (again?) and collective bargaining for teachers (still). But hey: NO PCBs!  

I’ll see if I can make at least the nutrition presentation; I’ll be interested to see what difference the federal change makes 

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