Preview: City Council agenda (August 21)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:00pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Wu-Sox, weed, driveways.

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  • Zoning: The Council will send to the planning board a request to change the zoning for part of 37 Fruit Street from residential to business, thus making all of 37 Fruit business.
  • Boards and Commissions: **Carl Foley will be reported to the Worcester Airport Advisory Committee; Frances Langille and Chizoma Nosike will be appointed to the Elder Affairs Commission; Azal Khaled will be appointed and Christian Escobar reappointed to the Conservation Commission; Jordan Berg Powers will be appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Council will vote on whether or not to reappoint Amanda Gregoire to the Advisory Committee on the Status of Women.
  • Allen Court Privatized: Allen Court will be removed from the official map and made a private street.
  • Murals: The Council will approve POW! WOW! putting up murals again this summer.
  • Blackstone River Bikeway: The Council will be approving construction of another $7million part of the bikeway, this time along McGrath Boulevard.
  • Can the City Set Hours for Weed Stores?: According to the city solicitor, yes, and in fact the city has previously done so.
  • Seriously, Stop Making Your Own Driveway, Don’t Make Me Come Over There: The city administration is coming up with an ordinance that will stop people making their own driveways, thus taking away chunks of street parking (or causing conflict between street parkers and the rogue driveways they are blocking).
  • Wu-Sox: The Manager has announced the general outlike of bringing the minor league baseball team in Pawtucket to Worcester, creating the Worcester Red Sox. I am still trying to absorb this complex deal. The Manager takes pains to stress that “I approached these negotiations guided by the fundamental principle that no existing city tax revenue would be used to fund the ballpark construction. I am pleased to say that, as a result of our negotiations, the project meets this principle.”
  • Council Procedure Changes: The Mayor would likw to change the Council Rules so that when an item comes before the Council, motions to ignore (file) the item would take precedence over any other motion related to the item, presumably making meetings move a bit faster.
  • Improvements to The Cage: Councilor Rivera would like to see better street lighting at the Fatty Jenkins Memorial Basketball Court.
  • More Bike Sharing: Councilor Rosen (natch) would like to see another bike sharing operation come to Worcester, “especially one that utilizes a docking system.”
  • Deer Crossing: Mayor Petty would like to see a “Deer Crossing” sign installed on McKeon Road.
  • Mount Carmel Update: Councilor Mero-Carlson would like to know the city administration’s opinion as to whether the Diocese of Worcester can actually sell the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church and surrounding property, or whether the original granting of the property would prohibit this. (I think, I might be confused about this item.)
  • Worcester Preservation Fund: Councilor Bergman would like there to be a line on your property tax bill where you can donate money to a Worcester Preservation Fund.

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