Preview: City Council agenda (July 17)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:00pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Affordable housing and homelessness.

There’s a memorial event for the recently-demolished Worcide skate park Tuesday at 5pm. I am told discussions between Worcide people and the city have been productive so far, and thus there is no big protest planned at the Council meeting. “We are beyond city council at this point and if you want to stick it to them find someone from district 2 to run and oppose that counselor.”

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  • Racial Slurs: Idella Hazard has an item asking the Council to take not that “using racial slurs toward minorities” is a civil rights violation and “a civil complaint can be taken out at the court house.”
  • This Week In Notre Dame: This week’s proposal from the Save Notre Dame Alliance “would include significant new construction on the site, as well as a new destination public element, the Worcester Public Garden, anchored by the Notre Dame building preserved as an architectural monument.”
  • Affordable Housing Update: The latest update on affordable housing in Worcester notes that we have spent $17.6 million of mostly-federal money in the past five years, 84% of which has been for projects in “neighborhoods,” which is to say not downtown. We now stand at 1,752 units, or 13.4% of our units, a percentage only bettered by Boston and Springfield. We also spent a few hundred thousand dollars on down payment assistance for homeowners, and helped 300 families at some level of homelessness to stabilize their situation.
  • More Watershed Land: The Manager would like the city to purchase 93 acres in Paxton and Holden at a cost of $660,000. These purchases ensure the water draining into our reservoirs is clean.
  • Free Gravel for Private Streets: Starting in September, you can get free gravel at the city recycling center if you need to maintain a private street.
  • Solving Chronic Homelessness: The city’s homelessness task force has a plan for helping the estimated 103 chronically homeless people in the city. The plan would cost $4-$6 million. The core of the plan would be to create housing (with additional financial supports) for people in this situation. The 103 units would be complete within the next two years.
  • Stop Making Your Own Driveway What The Hell Is Wrong With You: Councilor Rosen is still bird-dogging the DIY driveway problem, this week asking the city for a report as to the legality of unauthorized curb cuts and the like.

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