Preview: City Council agenda (June 12)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: More budget, Notre Dame, antipsychotics.

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  • Budget: If you care about the details of the city’s budget for the next fiscal year, this is a good meeting to attend and speak your mind.
  • $15 million for Notre Dame church: Barbara Haller wants the city to commit as much as $15 million to save Notre Dame church from demolition and turn it into a “multicultural center/performance and event space.” She and Ted Conna also have several items asking the Council to instruct the Manager to buy the building. Last week the mayor made it clear this isn’t going to happen, but the mayor of course is just one vote.
  • Drugs in the water: Councilor Lukes has an item asking the Manager to test “if medications and drugs are in our drinking water,” in particular antipsychotic and antibiotic drugs. I am surprised we don’t already test this from time to time.
  • Sidewalk trees on Pleasant Street: The section of Pleasant Street nearest to downtown is getting new sidewalks this summer. Councilor Rivera has an item asking if there can be some trees added at the same time. I was at a neighborhood meeting last week where a constituent requested Councilor Rivera try to make this happen. This is how stuff gets done.

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