Preview: City Council agenda (March 20)

There wasn’t a meeting last week, so the agenda is almost identical to what you’ve seen before. Any agenda additions or changes are small. I’m including last week’s writeup here in case you missed it.

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Weed, South, conservation, crime.

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  • Replacing South: The Council will vote on a $194,646,240 plan to build “a replacement South High Community School at 170 Apricot Street, to include the demolition and environmental remediation of the existing school.”
  • Holden Conservation Restriction: The Council will vote to spend $95,000 on a “conservation restriction” on some land near to the reservoir where we get our water. Because of collaboration with other groups, 50 acres of land will end up with conservation restrictions.
  • 2017 Crime Stats: The police chief has a report on last year’s crime stats. Every kind of crime except “disorderly conduct” declined vs. 2016, in some cases more than 30%.
  • Weed As Always: Can the Council limit the number of weed stores to 3 per Council district? The City Solicitor responds, “No.” Potential locations are marked in purple on the map below.
  • Flavored Tobacco: Can the Council restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes? The Health Commissioner says “Yes,” and recommends they be restricted to adult-only sales locations.
  • The Bus: The WRTA Director has a report detailing the ins and outs of proposed service cuts. People continue to organize against these cuts and for increased bus funding.

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