Preview: City Council agenda (May 15)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: The budget begins, foul balls, Notre Dame.

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  • Zoning: Agrand Realty LLC would like 223 Greenwood St (in Quinsig Village, adjacent to Rand Whitney) rezoned from single family residential to manufacturing. This matter will now go before the Planning Board.
  • Notre Dame des Canadiens: Ted Conna (et al) have a bunch of proposals for the City Council, which if the Council approved them would help the effort to preserve this striking downtown church, currently long-vacant and scheduled for demolition.
  • Rectangular Fields: Cassie Giardina would like the city to allocate funding for rectangular sports fields as in the Tacoma St. and Great Brook Valley Master Plans.
  • The Destructive Foul Balls of Vernon Hill Park: Councilor Rosen would like “additional steps” taken at the Verning Hill Park baseball field “to prevent foul balls from striking and damaging the homes and parked cars of neighbors on adjacent Ames Street.”
  • Better Dump Access: Councilor Russell would like the city to consider letting people drop off large items and yellow bags of trash at the Millbury St DPW facility without making an appointment.
  • Garbage Can Ads: Councilor Russell would like a private company to maintain our public trash cans and fund this by putting ads on the trash cans.
  • Let’s Not Crack Down So Hard On Flavored Tobacco: Councilor Bergman would like the Board of Health to hold back on restricting flavored tobacco sales to adult-only establishments, and instead consider other measures, like prohibiting the display of these products.
  • Rideshare Money for Experimental Transit: So the city gets like ten cents for every Uber or Lyft ride originating in Worcester. For 2017, this was $85,000. Councilor Lukes would like the WRTA to spend this money to develop “pilot programs for alternative and innovative modes of transportation in place of the current transportation services and to include evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of the pilot program.”
  • Local Labor to Build South High?: The Mayor would like to know if the city can negotiate that local labor be used to build (the new) South High, and would also like to know more about our options for Doherty High.
  • The Budget: The City Manager has proposed a $650 million budget. The Council can now theoretically make some changes to this.
  • Rezoning 5 Reeves St: The Planning Board likes the proposal to clean up the zoning around 5 Reeves St., extending the amount that is residential and excluding all of it from the Commericial Corridors Overlay District. This proposal now goes to the Economic Development Committee for more debate.
  • Public and Private Streets: The Planning Board likes the proposal to make the private Weldon Street a public street. This now goes to the Public Works Committee for more debate.

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