Preview: City Council agenda (May 29)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: Boards, commissions, and lots of small stuff.

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  • Stop Selling the Tax Liens of the Elderly: Norman Guertin and 18 others have a citizen petition requesting that the city “stop selling tax liens of owner occupied houses of elderly persons over the age of 62 years to third parties.”
  • Boards and Commissions: Paul Franco and Cathy Rao will be appointed to the Elder Affairs Commission; Eric Goldstein to the Parks Commission; Zachary Washburn to the G. A. R. Memorial Hall Board of Trustees; and Amy Skrzek to the Memorial Auditorium Board of Trustees. For other boards and commissions, the Council will vote to approve (or not): Stephen Quist to the Cable Advisory Committee; Priscilla Elsass to the Advisory Committee on the
    Status of Women; Devin Canton to the Conservation Commission; and Albert LaValley to the Planning Board.
  • Preserving More Watershed Land: The city will spend $360,000 to take over, via “friendly eminent domain,” 48 acres in Princeton that drain into one of our reservoirs.
  • Problem Properties: The Finance Committee has recommended the full Council vote on Councilor Rivera’s request that the Manager create “a holistic task force that could focus on combating issues with properties consistently creating neighborhood and community problems.” Presumably this would have a somewhat different focus than the existing Problem Properties and Quality of Life taskforces.

Held over from last week:

  • Notre Dame des Canadiens: Ted Conna (et al) have a bunch of proposals for the City Council, which if the Council approved them would help the effort to preserve this striking downtown church, currently long-vacant and scheduled for demolition.
  • Let’s Not Crack Down So Hard On Flavored Tobacco: Councilor Bergman would like the Board of Health to hold back on restricting flavored tobacco sales to adult-only establishments, and instead consider other measures, like prohibiting the display of these products.
  • The Destructive Foul Balls of Vernon Hill Park: Councilor Rosen would like “additional steps” taken at the Verning Hill Park baseball field “to prevent foul balls from striking and damaging the homes and parked cars of neighbors on adjacent Ames Street.”

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