Preview: City Council agenda (October 2)

The Worcester City Council meets Tuesday at 6:30pm. The agenda is here.

This week: A pretty light agenda.

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  • Skate Park: Councilor Rosen has an item asking for “a public hearing on the progress being made in discussions between the city administration and the local skateboarding community as both parties work together to find an acceptable, affordable and safe site for a new skate park.”
  • Let’s Get Those Streets Fixed: Councilor Rosen has an item asking the City Manager to change the process of writing contracts for street or sidewalk repair, such that the contractors would “complete their work in a reasonable length of time.” If we can find such a solution, I think it would revolutionize the practice of construction worldwide.
  • Live-Streaming Meetings: Councilor King wants to know if the city is any closer to being able to livestream city meetings and events on social media.
  • Trans Rights: Councilors King, Mero-Carlson, Rivera, and Rose would like the Council to endorse ballot question 3, which would preserve transgender rights in the state. This was held over from last week’s meeting.

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